valentines day
10 Feb

Happy Hearts Day

Valentine’s day is round the corner. How exciting is that? For some probably by no means. Others can’t help to hide their pure excitement in anticipation of what that day might bring this year.

What’s a modern woman’s and a man’s dream Valentine’s date?

Have you ever wondered what your friends think about Valentine’s day? Or is that too obvious? We did not want have any doubts and did a little research. We asked our friends what they consider to be the best Valentine’s date. It turns out, no surprise here, majority of us celebrate that day and want it to be as special as it possibly can, or at times – even hopelessly romantic. On the other hand, there is the remaining minority that is simply disgusted with the whole idea of Valentine’s day. Those even refuse to acknowledge the existence of such an occasion and let it go unnoticed and carry on with the daily grind.

The point is, every woman wants to be special. She, to put it right, well is ‘designed’ to compete with other women. She wants to have what others don’t, and they cannot be blamed for that. As it’s actually all down to our human nature. No need to worry here as men are no different. It seems as if it defines how unique she is. All women will yet unanimously agree that Valentine’s day has to be romantic. It doesn’t matter whether that involves staying in and cooking together in the candlelight or going out for a fancy dinner at a restaurant. Simply it has to be special and intimate without too much crowd and hassle.

When it comes to men, it’s another pair of shoes. It’s a man’s job to make her feel special and to be honest with you Valentine’s Day male fans do exist. They take a real pleasure in elaborately planning a valentine’s day surprise much in advance. They love to give and take enjoyment in . Others rely on their sense of spontaneity. They might as well grab a gift on their way back home from work on the day, quickly book a table at McDonald’s ;) or go for home cooking together with their Valentine.

Why not going even further and try to surprise their other half by abducting her from work to a romantic refuge. Xscape experience, laser tag battle, indoor skydiving flight or go karts race are other alternate forms of affection. Is that crazy? Seems like, yet who said that’s not romantic at all? We don’t even realize how we are blessed with the possibilities of the modern world. Let’s take advantage of them and share those unique and unforgeable moments with the person that means the whole world to you.

What about you? What do you have lined up for that day?
We’d love to read your experience.


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