24 Mar

Every Mother’s Day?

Mother – a beautiful word that means unconditional love. Sometimes it seems it’s made light of that word and it is treated without appropriate respect and magic that surrounds it. As the word ‘mother’ isn’t just about a woman that gave birth to a child’. Unfortunately not everybody has been that lucky to experience a real mother’s love.

For some a grandma was their mother – because the real one was never there. For others a neighbour was their mother figure – it was their school mate’s mum (because her real mother did not know how to communicate with her child) or a father makes sometimes a better mother :o) It does happen the word mother doesn’t bring positive connotations. She always choose a toxic relationship with her new ‘boyfriend’ over her children. Then allows him to beat her children up for being childish.  Never stands up to say ‘leave them’…or says a single word to stop it, to protect, doesn’t hug.

It is sad how the society puts pressure and says yet ‘any mother’s better than no mother’. It’s not always the case. Don’t you have to deserve to be a mother?

It’s concerning how much people like to interfere in others’ personal life and  don’t hesitate to stick a label on them. Instead of a support – sick rivalry accompanies a mother from her first steps into the motherhood. Pregnant women are criticised for being so inconsiderate for doing a sport while pregnant. A mother that didn’t give birth naturally or does not breast feed is from the start not a ‘real mother.’

A vegan mother gets malicious looks from those that eat different to her. Even her doctor won’t tell her to cure anaemia with nettle but instead will suggest a healthy steak. Then she is accused of doing everything wrong. Either it’s putting her child at risk of overheating with too much clothing and blankets. Why is that poor baby wearing a hat, tells a passing-by lady grimacing in disgust. Then someone else criticizes a mother for a lack of hat on a windy day. Self named specialists all around.

It is hard to be a mother. She is constantly listening to all those good-wishing aunts and uncles. Probably the far you go the worse it gets. “Why does she allow her child to scream at the top of their lungs on the tube? Doesn’t she know how to handle her brat in public?” When She just uses the behavioural therapy that entails ignoring for bad and approving of good behaviour of her child with Asperger’s syndrome.

Don’t you feel at times people think and behave like they know better when they actually don’t have a clue?

Doesn’t that mean the word mother deserves more respect? It’s so beautiful and probably too beautiful for it to be used without a consideration. Someone who was barely an incubator that except for bring the child to this world has not cared for it a single moment but hurt it continuously doesn’t deserve that name.

Mother’s day is a tribute to that person in your life that cares about you, could give their own lives for you, never wish you harm, is always there for you, will never leave you, understands you, respects you, and most of all loves you unconditionally. If that sounds like someone you know, you are the luckiest person you could ever be. It’s not about a day in a year. Cherish and appreciate that person as often as you wish. Do not diminish it to a day a year. I do not need to tell you that as you already know that.

To my mum who has always been there for me no matter what.

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