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    “Sun’s energy thus it is a lovely warm stone to wear, associate it with joy, happiness and unforgettable sun sets by the sea – that is what inspired us to promote this extraordinary gemstone and offer you our exclusive jewellery collection. Each item is designed and manufactured with the utmost care to make sure that when you receive it you are over the moon with your new piece of jewellery.”

Warm sun stone

    For so many years we have been travelling around the world indulging in our passion for fashion and jewellery. The most beautiful moments of our lives are those that recall our discoveries of dazzling gems on all continents: pleasing the eye diamonds in South America; chatoyant pearls in North America; black opal in Australia; garnet in Africa, turquoise, sapphire and zircon in the Far East. Amongst all those mother nature’s unique miracles Baltic amber, known also as the sun stone, has fascinated us the most.

Myths and legends

    The history of amber includes many countries and cultures and there are many myths surrounding its origin. In prehistoric times people attributed magical powers to amber; in Greek mythology Helliades, the seven nymph daughters of the sun-god Helios, mourned after their brother by shading tears of amber; Vikings are believed to have worn bracelets of amber for protection.

Joy and happines

    Amber is believed to balance the emotions, clear the mind and release negative energy. Amber symbolizes the Sun’s energy thus it is a lovely warm stone to wear. We associate it with joy, happiness and unforgettable sun sets by the sea. That is what inspired us to promote this extraordinary gemstone and offer you our exclusive jewellery collection.

…have a nice journey…

– Amber Lucky Team –

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